An experienced global business leader, Kevin has coached in most sectors of Irish business including Financial Services, Healthcare, Technology, Pharmaceutical, Electronic, Professional Services, Media, Environmental, the University sector and many small/medium enterprises (SMEs). He has also developed a significant practice in team coaching within his portfolio.


Vice President, Corporate Supply Chain, Baxter Healthcare, Chicago

Vice President, European Operations, Baxter Healthcare
General Manager, Ireland, Baxter Healthcare

Plant Manager, Becton Dickinson

Chairman of the Board of Fighting Blindness
Member, Praesta International Board

Chairman of Institutional Investment Committee


Kevin is a ‘go to’ person when people need to solve a problem and can always be relied upon to help. Kevin is also known for his generous support of time and energy to charities and sport over many years. He includes both of those characteristics in his coaching work, working tirelessly with his clients to find the best solution to any challenge they face.


MA, Trinity College Dublin (Mathematics & Economics)

Master Coach, Middlesex University
Accredited Qualified Practitioner Systemic Team Coaching (Peter Hawkins, Bath Consultancy)

EMMC Accredited Coach Supervisor

EBW (Emotions & Behaviours at Work) Brentfield Consultancy

T: +353 (0)1 20 66 724
M:+353 (0)87 256 3320


Kevin’s coaching practice is built on the foundation of his own career experience as a senior executive in a Fortune 500 company with revenues over $10 billion. Working as a coach to senior leaders for over a decade has served to enhance and deepen the experience he brings to clients.

“While I appreciated starting out that I had a huge resource of relevant experience to build on in my development as a coach and these experiences could be drawn on as needed, they soon became secondary to the positive experiences of learning about coaching and starting a journey of continual professional development over the next 15 years. Applying this knowledge to the coaching process with senior executive clients and contributing to their journey of successful career development is hugely satisfying.

Kevin’s approach is to build on the feedback he consistently seeks from clients who rank his three top strengths as a) understanding stages for team and organisational development, b) understanding the impact of external influences on the client and actively coaching them through the management of these challenges and c) his comprehensive understanding of how organisations work.

For Kevin, it is the strength of the teams they build that will be a measure of the next generation of leaders:

“Leaders of the future will continue to face a growing number of complexities and challenges. Without the support of a fully functioning team, they are likely to fail. Ensuring they have the people with the appropriate skills to populate these teams and build the required teamwork will be a priority.”