Colm is a Master-Accredited executive and team coach with over 20 years’ experience of designing and delivering coaching, learning and leadership development programmes to global audiences across the public and private sectors.


Managing Director, Dynamic Leadership Development Ltd.

Head of Coaching Programmes, Smurfit Executive Development, University College Dublin

Director of Sales Enablement EMEA, Symantec Corporation

Global Head of Executive Development, Symantec Corporation


Colm coaches at a psychological level, as he believes real change is sustained only when it is embodied and embedded in our thinking, feeling, and doing. External aspects, such as the organisational culture, pace of change, and resources all impact leadership, but what can most hinder or unleash our full potential are the assumptions, stories, needs, ingrained beliefs and sense of personal value that we bring with us into specific roles and contexts.

Being aware of the inner and outer aspects of any challenge or opportunity that we face is deep, challenging and rewarding work. Colm’s experience of building a safe working alliance and being skilled in exploring and challenging long-held, and often unconscious perspectives that can hold us back, makes him a powerful coaching partner.


Professional Doctorate in Business Administration, University of Portsmouth

Diploma in the Psychology of Executive Coaching, UCD Smurfit Business School

Diploma in Executive Coaching, Dublin Institute of Technology

Diploma in Training & Performance Management, University of Leicester

Master’s in Accounting, University College Dublin

BComm, University College Dublin

Master Accredited Coach – EMCC

Certified Facilitator/Coach in:
Myers Briggs, Birkman Method, Rocket Model for High Performing Teams, Action Learning,
Team Diagnostic Survey Advanced Practitioner and Extraordinary Leader 360.

T: +353 (0)1 20 66 724
M:+353 (0)86 830 4033
Colm Murphy Praesta


Tapping into the power of the modern executive team is what Colm believes sets great leaders apart and where he brings a particular expertise to clients, having completed his doctorate on the positive impact of team coaching on performance team effectiveness.

“No leader can do it on their own, and being able to build high performing teams that excel over a number of years, in a hybrid environment, is key to the success of any leader today. My focus is on helping a leader and their executive team to shift the frame through which they perceive themselves and the challenges they face, and to support them in building their awareness and impact. By inviting the client to see the topic from others’ perspectives, or to consider it ‘future-back’, a huge amount of team awareness is created, and from this awareness, peak performance is possible.”

Equally important for the leaders of the future is the need to forge a path for sustainable business, and Colm supports clients to chart the course between value and responsibility.

“To be environmentally conscious and to bring value not just to one’s organisation but to be a leader in the world – we have only one planet and all leaders need to prioritise being a good ancestor.”

From the perspective of his own professional development Colm believes that not having a coach in his own career meant that it took him longer to find his own path.

“If I had had a coach, it would have really helped me to become self-aware of my strengths and weaknesses, and the impact I had on others. I spent my late twenties fumbling around looking for the light switch on how to shine before realising that it was coaching. As a coach I now have a career that involves helping others excel and the enjoyment of that work is as strong now as 25 years ago and for that I am truly thankful.”

T: +353 (0)1 20 66 724
M:+353 (0)86 830 4033