Kate combines over 30 years’ experience in financial services, in Operations, Strategy and Change Management roles, with 10 years supporting clients in senior leadership roles and executive teams.


Executive, AIB Bank:

  • Head of Mortage Arrears Resolution Strategy
  • Head of Learning & Development
  • Head of Corporate Services

Director, Kate Quane & Associates Ltd.

Director, Misean Cara

Fellow, Institute of Bankers Ireland

Member, Mentoring & Coaching Association of Ireland

Member, Women’s Executive Network


Kate became interested through her career on the synergistic effect of individuals on an organisation and the organisation on them, and the impact on the performance of each. Kate believes that the coaching experience is optimised when she and her client, either individual or team, incorporate an awareness of the wider organisational system in their work. Kate brings that powerfully to life for her clients’ benefit.


MSc Business Administration & Management, Trinity College Dublin

Diploma in HR & Industrial Relations, National College of Industrial Relations, Dublin

Leadership for the 21st Century, J.F.K School of Government, Executive Education, Harvard University

Diploma in Executive Coaching, IMI, Dublin

EBW (Emotions & Behaviours at Work) Brentfield Consultancy

Qualified in a wide range of psychometric assessments

T: +353 (0)1 20 66 724
M:+353 (0)87 260 9171
E: kate.quane@praesta.ie


At the core of Kate’s coaching philosophy is the belief that the relationship must be based on complete trust, enabling the client to work through challenges in a safe space, while supported through constructive challenge.

Kate believes that work and career should be a productive and fulfilling experience, being such a big part of our lives. Reflecting on her personal experience in executive roles:

“I know that the pressures and sometimes competing priorities of organisational life can contribute to a work life that seems harder than it should be. I also know how coaching had a really positive impact on my own career, helped me to recognise what was important to me and at times helped me to refocus and re-energise. The impact was also positive for the organisation as I became a more inclusive and collaborative leader.”

For Kate, a key measure of her success when working with clients is when she has supported them to navigate the senior leadership path more easily.

“I trust my clients’ ability to find their own way through their journey: I add value by really listening at a physical and emotional level and so can help my clients uncover their core challenge/opportunity. Helping my clients accept and appreciate themselves as they are and with that awareness develop the ability to understand others and make conscious choices about how they want to relate and what they want to prioritise.”

T: +353 (0)1 20 66 724
M:+353 (0)87 260 9171
E: kate.quane@praesta.ie