Mark is an Executive, Team, Leadership Coach, and strategy coach. He spent over 25 years working in communications consultancy, business leadership and served on the Leadership Team of a Footsie 100 plc.

Mark has led business turnaround, led the growth and development of the worlds largest communications consultancy across EMEA and has a track record of advising at the global c-suite level on corporate positioning and reputation, stakeholder engagement, employee engagement and crisis management.


CRH plc. Group Director Corporate Affairs. Reporting to Group CEO and member of EXCO.

Chair Edelman Corporate Practice EMEA. Lead a global corporate practice across twelve markets

Managing Director Edelman Ireland. Led financial turn around and repositioning of leading Irish based communications agency.

Director Corporate and Financial Practice Drury. Led the largest group practice of leading Irish Communications consultancy.


Having served on the Leadership Team of one of the world’s largest industrial companies and advised the c-suite of some of the worlds most admired companies, Mark has a detailed understanding of the demands of corporate leadership.

Through a highly authentic and engaging style and a systems perspective he supports leaders to develop their corporate and personal impact across complex stakeholder landscapes. He has a passion for supporting leaders to create compelling organisational purpose and world class employee engagement. Mark is also highly experienced in resolving corporate conflict at the c-suite level and restoring high performance in teams.


MSc in Business and Executive Coaching, UCD Smurfit Graduate Business School

Masters in Corporate Culture and Conflict, NUI Maynooth

Advanced Diploma in Business Strategy, Irish Management Institute

Diploma in Executive and Leadership Coaching, UCD Smurfit Graduate Business School

Diploma in Team Coaching, UCD Smurfit Graduate Business School

Diploma in Advanced Business and Executive Coaching, UCD Smurfit Graduate Business School


BA. University College Dublin

Qualified Mediator

T: +353 (0)1 20 66 724
M:+353 (0)87 239 2737


Authenticity is at the heart of Mark’s coaching philosophy, shaped by his own career journey into senior leadership roles. It is for this reason that Mark’s work with clients is focused on enabling the individual to find their authentic leadership voice:

“The power to be authentically oneself, to speak from one’s own values, to listen actively and to articulate your point of view are critical skills for leadership success.”

Mark draws on his own professional experience to support his clients have the leadership impact they seek:

“Given my PLC Corporate Affairs background, I am especially good at helping leaders to have a powerful impact, to lead with integrity, to communicate boldly to shape perceptions and motivate behaviours.”

Distilling the essence of the leadership message from the complexity and ambiguity which surrounds it is something that Mark supports his clients to do, and which he believes will become an ever more important skill in the years ahead.

“In my corporate career I have worked alongside many great Chief Executives. I understand the challenges they face and the complex stakeholder landscape they navigate. The performance expectations placed on businesses leaders are immense.”

Mark sees that a core part of his role as a coach is to challenge his clients to be the best they can be:

“I ask them the tough and informed questions that others may not and ensure they do not operate in an echo chamber. All leaders need a CEO whisperer created space where they can be vulnerable and honest. Coaching allows me to partner with clients to create real presence and impact and highly authentic individual brands.”
T: +353 (0)1 20 66 724
M:+353 (0)87 239 2737