The Multitasking Myth

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As Executive Coaches we work every day with extremely busy people, with great demands on their time. One of the many challenges we help our clients with is managing multiple and often competing priorities. 

… Beyond Fear

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As 2017 kicks off, the economic, social and political landscape is foggy: the impact of Brexit is uncertain, the Trump presidency heralds change - but how much and what type? The political system in Europe is leaning towards the right, and here in Ireland we are living with a social housing and healthcare crisis.

Some Thoughts On The Power Of Attention!

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As Coach it is vital to work from a position of respect and genuineness, knowing that the client has within themselves the ability to work out their own path. 

The Case For Taking Some Time Out!

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As we head towards Halloween – The case for taking some time out! Organisation psychology  - the study of human behaviour in the workplace dates back to the early 20th century, and in the last 30 years topics like work-life balance; work related stress, and their links to productivity have been the subject of multiple studies.

As The Olympic Games Conclude…. What Leadership Insights Can We Gain From Top Sports Coaches?

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Many sports psychologists say that despite a multibillion dollar industry of books and seminars on the subject, the concept of ‘leadership’ remains nebulous. What is emerging, though, is a move away from a disciplinarian coaching model to one which is more relationship based with autonomy encouraged and motivation nurtured.