‘Lets Take The Emotion Out Of This’

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How often have we heard  or even used the phrase “lets take the emotion out of this”  in business discussions?  Frequently when conversations become intense or heated  be they  feedback sessions; presentations; pitches or  negotiations …..someone  will suggest  taking ‘the emotion of out this’ ……but can we… Really?

Unconscious Bias

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Everyone likes to think he/she is objective and open-minded but research has shown that the beliefs and values gained from family, culture and a lifetime of experiences heavily influence how we see ourselves and others.

TRUST – An Outcome Not An Input!

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In our work as Executive Coaches, we frequently discuss 'trust' with our clients; as a leader are your relationships trust based? How are your behaviours contributing to a trust based organisation? Does it really matter? Our contention is YES if you are interested in creating a culture of high productivity, customer focus and success.

The Role Of Empathy In Leadership -The Iron Fist In The Velvet Glove?

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The term ‘Emotional Intelligence’ (EQ) was created by two researchers, Peter Salavoy and John Mayer, and became popular in the mid/late 1990’s following the publication of Daniel Goleman’s book, ‘Emotional Intelligence’.  The central theme of EQ is that successful leadership requires more than IQ, it requires the awareness and effective management of one’s own emotions and those of other people.  Empathy is a key component of EQ and its criticality as a leadership trait is frequently debated in coaching conversations.  Empathy is often perceived as ‘touchy-feely’, or ‘soft’, but in our view it is the iron fist of leadership (back-bone) even if it is presented in a velvet glove!

Conversational Intelligence – What Is It And What Is Its Relevance For Leadership

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‘We don’t usually remember what people said or what they did – however we do remember how they made us feel’ – Maya Angelou. Judith Glazer’s new book ‘How Great Leaders Build TRUST and Get Extraordinary Results’, introduces us to the concept of Conversational Intelligence as a key enabler for success in business and life.