Breathing your way to clear thinking

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Our breath is a dramatically underused resource by most of us. At rest, we take between 12 and 20 breaths a minute, and unless we’re taking vigorous exercise or are ill, we do it largely unconsciously. We allow this life force to ebb and flow without awareness of the power and potential it offers us. [Download PDF]

The Power of Compassion

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We continuously look for concepts and skills that will give our clients the edge; perspectives and approaches to enhance work and personal lives. The practice of 'self-compassion' has caught our attention because of the value it offers in strengthening emotional and cognitive well-being, both critical elements of effective leadership. [Download PDF]

Summer Check-in

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Summer 2020 - like none you’ve ever known! Speaking with clients in recent weeks, we have been struck by some common themes of experience. We are sharing these with you because, although they’re not all upbeat, often just knowing how you and others are, can feel good and give encouragement

No Signposts but Optimistic!

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We have always known how privileged we are to work with exceptional leaders, but never more than now.  The conversations we have had with our clients over the last two months have revealed a level of leadership, humanity, creativity and resilience that can only fuel optimism for this country.

Reimagining Corporate Purpose

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In his recent book Prosperity (2018), Prof. Colin Meyer of Oxford Universities’ Said Business School argues that all is not well in the corporate world. The public at large increasingly views the corporate world as indifferent to everything but the share price.