Opening the Office - Panacea or Pain?

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What is important now? is a question we continuously hear our clients asking of themselves. Growing revenue, (re) building their businesses, managing stakeholder expectations, creating new working arrangements as well as the day job of leading teams and hitting targets. How do all these priorities stack up against one another, and how do you ensure the plates keep spinning.[Download PDF]

Leadership a Year On....How are you?

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It can be hard to answer that question, one year into a global pandemic

Leading businesses at this time in the world is different and difficult. Here we share what our clients in Ireland and internationally are telling us about what is helping them lead well, one year into a global catastrophe.[Download PDF]

Leading Virtual Teams

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Living with Contradiction and Uncertainty

Much has changed in the way that business teams operate. We spoke with over 30 senior leaders and executive coaching colleagues across 8 countries, to find out how they and their clients have experienced the shift to remote working in a period of contradiction and uncertainty. It is clear that there is no simple answer to these challenges.[Download PDF]

Breathing your way to clear thinking

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Our breath is a dramatically underused resource by most of us. At rest, we take between 12 and 20 breaths a minute, and unless we’re taking vigorous exercise or are ill, we do it largely unconsciously. We allow this life force to ebb and flow without awareness of the power and potential it offers us. [Download PDF]

The Power of Compassion

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We continuously look for concepts and skills that will give our clients the edge; perspectives and approaches to enhance work and personal lives. The practice of 'self-compassion' has caught our attention because of the value it offers in strengthening emotional and cognitive well-being, both critical elements of effective leadership. [Download PDF]

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