Birdman: Insights For Leaders

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I went to see Birdman, the superhero black comedy drama film, this week and came away with a real sense of the power of self-talk.  In the movie, don’t worry I won’t spoil the plot, the main character, played by Michael Keaton, is a washed up Hollywood actor famous for playing the superhero “Birdman” in his earlier career.   Keaton’s character, Riggan, is tormented by the critical voice of Birdman, and the voice is at its loudest when times are particularly challenging for Riggan.

CEO Succession Planning – How To Ensure Continuity Of Strategy And Execution.

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CEO Succession Planning - How to Ensure Continuity of Strategy and Execution.

New Year’s Resolutions – How Are You Getting On With Yours?

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If your resolution(s) seemed like a good idea at the time, but you can’t get around to doing it.....try this recipe for getting back on track.

The Art Of Asking – What Can We Learn From The Amanda Palmer Approach

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I read a features piece in the Sunday Times recently on Amanda Palmer... I had never heard of her -she is in fact an American performer who first rose to prominence as the lead singer, pianist and composer of The Dresden Dolls.  What interested me was the fact that she has a book coming out shortly called “The Art of Asking”  and the title gripped me.   The article referred to a Ted talk she did in 2013 on the same topic and so I watched it... a few times in fact.

Strictly The Inner Game: The Performance Clue

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I am a Strictly Come Dancing fan, and from now until Christmas will spend part of each weekend relaxing in front of the telly with the feet up, lost in the razzle, dazzle, glitz and glamour of the dance floor.