Purposeful reflection is simultaneously one of the most powerful tools of learning, the easiest to access and the least used. Wisely applied, it will improve the quality of your personal, professional and organisational life.

We offer a programme of reflection and learning for senior executives which uniquely combines the value of individual and group coaching.  The ‘Reflective Leadership’ programme creates a sustained resource of learning for individuals, the group and the wider organisation.  A group of peers, usually drawn from different parts of an organisation, form an equal and shared partnership of trust and learning.

The process allows senior executives to reflect on their leadership style and impact, their personal and professional goals and their ability to connect with, learn from, and support their peers.  Research, best practice, and individual insights are shared in service of the personal and professional development of each member of the group. 

Group size is ideally a minimum of four and a maximum of eight.   The programme involves four to six facilitated workshops over six months and separate individual coaching sessions so that each participant benefits from both personal and group reflection and learning.

While the programme has an underlying structure, the final design is developed in partnership with the client so that it has best-fit with the company’s strategic goals and is unique to the client. Benefits include:

For the Leader:

  • Fresh perspectives on individual challenges
  • Greater interpersonal effectiveness
  • Stronger leadership skills and greater awareness of how to deploy them
  • Enhanced listening and communication skills
  • Improved self-awareness
  • More collaborative approach to working with peers

For the Organisation:

  • More self-aware and skilful leaders
  • Strengthened relationships across functions
  • Refreshed and supported senior executives.