Team Coaching

Almost every single commercial outcome, good and bad, is the result of a group or team effort. Being so critical to commercial success, it needs continuous attention. We help you bring about what is strategically best and possible for your team and organisation.
1. Team Assessment
2. Analysis
3. Reflection
4. Choice Point
5. Moving Forward
6. High Performing & Sustainable

Curiosity, courage and a desire to thrive bring teams to team coaching. Change is continuous as technology, systems, markets, governance, politics and economies shift and reshape the team context.  Change can be challenging for us as individuals and the challenge increases exponentially for teams.   Maintaining high performance is not easy, and our team coaching can really help.

Outcomes will include:

  • Helping your team discover, or rediscover, its purpose and identity.
  • Helping your team clarify what it needs to achieve and why.
  • Helping your team understand its own processes, both visible and invisible.
  • Helping your team form, or to re-form.

We have considerable experience of working successfully in a sustained way with senior leadership teams. In addition to our own experience of team leadership, we have trained alongside our international colleagues and offer our clients a leading edge, systemic team coaching model built on best international research and practice. Our approach is practical, realistic and outcome focused. As with our other work, we apply an eclectic approach using theory and practice from a number of disciplines including organisational and leadership development, along with systemic team coaching.