Marian is an experienced business leader with over twenty years’ experience working in both the private and public sector in Ireland and internationally.


Non-Executive Director, Permanent TSB

Non-Executive Director, IDA

Chair of the Alumni Council, Dublin City University

Member, Public Service Pay Commission

Member, Accenture Ireland Board

Head of Management Consulting, Accenture

Global Lead for Finance & Performance Management, Accenture

Senior Client Consulting Director, Accenture


Marian brings practical experience across a range of industries and geographies to her coaching clients. During her time with Accenture, Marian worked with senior clients in the private and public sector in the US, Europe, UK and Ireland to shape and deliver transformational organisational change. She brings that same energy, solution focus and pragmatism to her coaching work.


Diploma in Executive and Leadership Coaching, Henley Business School

Professional Certificate in Coaching (PCC), Henley Business School

Certificate - Systemic Team Coaching, AOEC

Member of the Institute of Directors

EBW (Emotions & Behaviours at Work), Brentfield Consultancy

Certificate in Company Direction, Institute of Directors

T: +353 (0)1 20 66 724
M:+353 (0)87 813 9162


Throughout her career, Marian has had a passion for people development and in particular the growth of the next generation of leaders.

“On reflection of my twenty-six year career, mentoring, people development, leadership and relationships were the most satisfying and lasting aspects of my work...if I can work with even one person to allow them to tap into their own potential so they become better leaders, then that’s pretty inspiring to me.”

Marian’s own moment of enlightenment as a leader came with the full realisation of her impact on the organisation as a whole:

“I realised that as a ‘Partner’ my teams focused on my behaviour, my pace of speech, demeanour and confidence, particularly during the downturn of 2008-2009. With this insight I really focused on slowing down, being calm, confident about our business and giving direction to our teams. Before this I was not as conscious about how as a leader, we can set the tone and ‘way of being’ in an organisation.”

A strong belief in the importance, value and power of the human relationship is central to Marian’s executive coaching practice. She believes it continues to be the test of a leader and even more so during fast evolving change:

“While being commercial and working outside their comfort zones, can they demonstrate competence and confidence, be compassionate, build a coalition of support? To be ‘human’ and connected to people in their teams is the ask.”

T: +353 (0)1 20 66 724
M:+353 (0)87 813 9162